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August 20, 2019

National Park : Arches Day 1

Full Disclaimer: There aren’t any tips about traveling to a national park in this blog post. Just some photos and a recap so we can remember this weekend together as a family. 

Welcome to Utah
Yup, Jeff pulled over so I could get this photo.

We’ve been talking about hiking and traveling a lot as a family, lately and Colorado Springs is surrounded by some of the most amazing places. Now, hear me when I say, I wasn’t raised to be an outdoor girl. I’m not sure what my was the first National Park I visited growing up. Sports? Yeah. Camping, hiking, exploring? Um, No. Jeff on the other hand was born for the woods. He can sleep anywhere and true story, he once fell asleep on a rock with his buddy camping in high school. So, here I am 32 years old and exploring for the first time. Don’t worry, Mom, I’m taking it easy peasy lemon squeezy and watching every step I take. 

I listened to Moment Making Mom this Summer and was inspired to start a new tradition with Olivia. A weekend getaway right before school starts back to set goals for the year. Jeff jumped on board and we decided to head to Arches National Park. It is only six hours away from us and we don’t mind making memories quickly. Not to mention, the drive through Colorado to Utah is beautiful. 

Early Saturday morning we loaded up and started our drive. Well, I’m sure this isn’t a surprise, Jeff drove us the whole way. I nap quite often when we are in the car for longer than forty-five minutes. A quick stop in Grand Junction, eating pizza and stopping into an antique store gave us the final energy to make it to our stop in Utah. 

Arches National Park
We also played the “try to hold your breath through the tunnel” game.. a lot.

We reserved a Tipi so I could glamp my way into camping and kept it as a surprise from Olivia. We picked Moab, Utah, because Canyonlands and Arches National Park are within an hour of each other. After checking in and making my family pose for some photos, we hopped back in the car to head to Canyonlands National Park for some late afternoon exploring.


I wanted to photograph the Mesa Arch at sunrise….turns out – the Mesa Arch that is famous for sunrise photos, is actually in Canyonlands. We made a quick change in our plans and thankfully, I realized that before we passed the entrance to the Arches. 

Arches National Park
Thanks, tripod for supporting my need to capture family photos.
Arches National Park
She is either annoyed or pumped about the camera being in front of her face.

Did you know it typically costs $30 a car to get into a National Park? You probably know that if you’ve been recently. But, did you know that you can purchase an annual pass for only $80? Two people can sign the back of the card and it allows anyone in their car to enter the National Park. You’re welcome. 

Family of Three
It was absolutely stunning and so very hot.
Arches National Park
Just turned around and this was the view.

Enjoy our family pics from the 1st Day. You’ll appreciate the fact that it was a semi normal day and I only had one fellow photographer take four out-of-focused photos in the most epic setting. Thankfully, we borrowed a tripod and got some in focus ;). 

Arches National Park
Our explorer girl.
Arches National Park
Learning about foot placement.
Exploring the wilderness with Dad and running back to Mom.
Arches National Park
Arches National Park Views.
Arches National Park
I barely made it back for this photo. 10 seconds goes quickly.
Arches National Park
The Beauty and the Moon.
Arches National Park
And that was a beautiful National Park.

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